Paint, paint and more paint. Grab a dark metallic grey that I liked from the local auto paint shop.


Added some black top coat to the grey to get this colour for the front fender. There was some left over in the mix for the rear fender.

20161126_143736 20161126_143742

Used some open weave fabric to achieve this effect – same paint as the fender was used and lightly sprayed with the gun. It’s a little uneven – but I have a plan to sort this out.

20161126_143749 20161126_143755


  • Love the colour the tanks look good as a cafe racer have put clip ons on mine after market tachometer and speedo twin triumph mufflers used keep at it how’s it look now

  • Have u Finished yet ? I was lucky to pick up 1982 model for 100 bucks parts bike I have used carbys so far striped down the rest of it in to boxes then fitted them has fixed the missing runs great starts first go all good! Well luck with yours mate🔧🏍.

  • Hi James how did your gsx look when finished I didn’t get to see it in full I’m going to wrap mine in carbon fibre wrap! Black. Yes


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