Clear has been laid down! I should have done base and clear in 1 step – so I had to scuff the base to ensure that the clear had some purchase on the already cured paint. Worked OK!

Black mixed with the grey – gives a nice metallic sheen.

My very elaborate/high tech spraying platforms.

Very glossy straight out of the gun. I think I chose a good day for backyard spraying.

Quick glossy tank mockup. And you can see the lowered gauges in this shot. I used an old forward control bush center off a VT Holden Commodore. I cut it in half and used both ends to space the gauges down.

Here’s a close- up the gauge setup. Buy these gauges here

I used mini LED blinkers mounted to the for brackets. You can barely see them, but they are super bright. Buy these indicators from our store

Fork mount headlight brackets neaten up the front end considerably.


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